Memory and Mental Imagery

The memory, both long-term and short-term, is one of the most crucial abilities to acquire while developing interpreting skills, because it largely depends on the reformulation of the original discourse that is done by the interpreter, no matter which technique is being used.

Therefore, the following activities are designed to help boost the memory. In order to complete these exercises it is important to keep in mind the significance of mental imagery. This technique can help make it much easier to remember terms that refer to concrete objects (even though the list of terms may become quite long). However, it is not as easy to resort to mental imagery when dealing with abstract terms, numbers or proper nouns. Keep in mind that other factors also come into play, such as cultural knowledge, which is imperative for interpreters, and which, in this case, help with the recognition and retention of highly complex terms that are difficult to make associations with (such as proper nouns and dates).

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